Crawl Space Remediation & Repair

Results from a crawlspace research project show that in humid climates, three things need to be done to keep crawlspaces dry:

– Fixing water entry problems
– Isolating air from outside climate
– Installing a full moisture barrier

Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing involves techniques and materials used to prevent water from penetrating the basement or lower level that is below grade of a house or building, The waterproofing can require the application of sealant materials and / or the installation of drains and sump pumps and more.

Air Scrubbing

What Air Scrubbers Do

An air scrubber is a portable air filtration system that will remove particles, gasses, and/or chemicals from the air within a given environment. Air is drawn in through these machines and passed through a series of filters in an attempt to remove any airborne pollutants. After passing through the scrubber, the air is then returned to the environment. The size of the area needing air scrubbing will determine the size or number of air scrubbers required.

The most common usage of air scrubbers is when mold is being remediated. During the process of removal, it is extremely easy for mold spores to become disturbed and become airborne. When that happens there exists the possibility of the spores being inhaled by residents or workers and that they may be allowed to spread to previously unaffected areas. Using air scrubbers to process and filter out these airborne spores becomes necessary.

Air scrubbers usually contain 2-3 filters, offering different stages of filtration.

Sump Pumps

What Exactly Is A Sump Pump?

Sump pumps were made to take excess water that drains into your home and pump it outside. The sump pump is typically located at the lowest point in your home’s basement in an area called the sump pit. The sump pit is a hole that is about 2 feet deep and 18 inches wide. 

As the sump pit fills with water, a float activator arm or pressure sensor automatically turns on the pump. When the pump turns on, it drains water to a spot away from your foundation where it won’t make its way back into your home. Additionally, sump pumps are equipped with a check valve which ensures the water draining from your house does not flow right back into the sump pump.

Interior Mold Remediation

Based on an air quality test specific to microbials and mold, a home may be subject to an interior remediation.  Similar to crawlspace remediation, interior mold must be removed to ensure the highest quality of air as well as the best results long term.  Mold in the home, while thriving less with humidity control and the source of both spores and moisture being removed with a crawlspace remediation, may still survive and continue to proliferate depending on its’ available food source, dew point levels, etc.  A Mold-X Interior Remediation is designed to remove mold spores and colonies from the home from any touchable surfaces, as well as remove materials from the home that cannot be remediated.  A successful remediation is determined based off of a post remediation air quality test.


  • Prior to some interior remediations ( depending on circumstances ) an ESS treatment or electrostatic spray system treatment can be used to kill a portion of the mold as well as create a dormant environment so addition mold sporing or proliferation can be stopped.  
  • Isolate single working areas to reduce cross contamination of rooms, hallways,etc. 
  • Active rooms must be isolated using plastic covering or zipper doors. 
  • The use of air scrubbers is very important to capture any mold spores that end up airborne during the remediation process.
  • All surfaces are HEPA vacuumed first to remove any surface mold particulate.
  • All surfaces are treated using our antimicrobial products.
  • A second pass using the HEPA vacuum again to remove any dead material after the remediation.
  • An ESS treatment is done

Electrostatic Treatment

State of the art nanotechnology and ensures a thorough cleaning, eliminating all bacteria, odors, and mold spores. It’s unique static charge allows for it to reach beyond the typical hand and cloth method, or even a high pressure sprayer. And because it’s using static charge, there is no need for any disruptive setup. ElectroStatic Treatment means cleaning on a Microscopic level. It’s nanotechnology!
Hospital grade cleaning for all of your surfaces. Killing mold, germs, and even destroying viruses.

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