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While in most climates, increasing airflow to a crawlspace can be a sufficient way to reduce mold, here in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina we are actually in one of the most diverse temperate rainforests in the world.

Even with a great airflow system, the humidity can stay high in a crawlspace allowing for perfect conditions for mold to grow. Toxic mold comes from the soil. 50-80% of your home’s air comes from the crawlspace. A crawlspace encapsulation is the only sure way to reduce the humidity and moisture levels enough to create an environment that is not conducive for mold growth and spread.

While many companies offer Crawlspace Encapsulation, it’s important to know that if a crawlspace is encapsulated incorrectly, it can actually cause more harm in the long run if protocols for mold remediation are not followed.

We also take before and after air samples to show the quality of the air after the work is done. These samples are tested by an independent laboratory for accuracy.

It’s Simple.

If you have any of these symptoms…

Professional Crawlspace Inspection

We come in and do a thorough inspection of your crawlspace. Inspection includes: Checking for mold, water leaks, foundation damage, busted pipes, proper drainage, wood rot or decay, and wet insulation. We will provide you the client with all the information that is gathered. This inspection comes at no cost.

Remove the Debris and Grade the Area

Crawlspace debris removal: Debris in the crawl space area makes inspection and repair work difficult, it can in fact be dangerous itself, or may invite infestation by rodents, wood destroying insects, or mold contamination. For these reasons an important step in crawl space dry-out or mold removal is debris removal. We will also smooth out the ground in the crawlspace to keep out moisture pockets.

Remove Wet Insulation

Is there wet, falling or rodent-infested fiberglass insulation in the crawlspace? If so there is a high risk of mold or rodent contaminants that could present a fungal, bacterial, or viral airborne hazard. We recommend completely removing all wet insulation from crawlspaces.

Install Vapor Barrier

It is our mission to use the best products possible for our clients. There are other crawlspace installers using thin plastic barriers, some using black or clear plastic and some using plastics that give off obnoxious odors – an effect which may become suddenly noticeable and more significant than you anticipated once you’ve spread a smelly plastic out over a large crawlspace area below a building. It may take some time for such odors to dissipate. Our Mold-X installer’s use an industry leading 60 MIL liner that is much stronger and durable. It is installed as part of an active control system extending across the entire building including walls, and crawl space floors. Our proprietary liner has a 25 year warranty against failure.

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