Mold Removal and Crawlspace Encapsulation

For a successful remediation of the crawlspace and in some cases, the entire home, the source of mold spores and moisture must be eliminated or isolated from the rest of the home. For homes with crawlspaces, due to the natural air flow within a home 50% to 80% of breathable air in the home comes from the crawlspace. This is known as the stack effect. Western North Carolina is listed as the second largest temperate rainforest in the United States. This means that there will be extremely damp soil, if not completely wet, with mold spores. The crawl space has limited air movement even with ventilation, creating a space that mold thrives in, in essence most crawl spaces in WNC have the same effect as a petri dish.

Evidence that mold originated from the crawlspace will often come from a visual inspection or an air quality test. Ground dwelling molds such as Aspergillus mold is critical evidence that mold has originated from the crawlspace. This mold is a white fuzzy mold that grows in temperate rainforest areas, originating from decaying matter. Often making its way into a crawlspace from underground water movement and then when it becomes airborne can make it way into the living areas of the home.

What Mold-X can do to remove this mold from your home:

  • Remove any material that mold remediation and treatment is ineffective against. This includes any cloth, insulation, trash, etc.
  • Grade and prep for staging of Mold-X liner. This includes removal of any rocks or debris that could cause punctures in the liner, as well as shaping the crawlspace for appropriate flow of water and moisture under the liner. Note: staging may also include pouring gravel, cleaning walls, etc based on the crawlspace needs.
  • Dehumidification – installation of a Mold-X dehumidifier that is appropriate for the square footage of the crawlspace or basement area.
  • Inspect for any water intrusion, puddling, foundation cracks or special needs before moving forward. Treat as necessary.
  • Kill and remove all mold on the sub floor structure using a commercial grade mold killing and cleaning solution.
  • Treat sub floor and any exposed wood that was remediated with a Mold-X 25 year anti-mold prevention treatment.
  • Seal Ventilation
  • Install our proprietary 60 MIL Mold-X liner on the ground, walls and columns