Electrostatic Treatment

WHY ESS? Its quick, safe and easy while offering complete coverage. It means that there is less waste of costly cleaning solutions and materials by applying in a more efficient, controlled manner, eliminating the dangers of overuse.
Electrostatic spray is electrically charged, allowing the appropriate sanitizers, mold preventatives and disinfectants to wrap around and evenly coat all types of surfaces for a more complete clean. As the chemical exits the electrostatic sprayer, it’s given a positive electrical charge. The droplets then become attracted to all negative surfaces, covering the visible area, underside and backside, with the sanitizing agent. Surfaces that are already covered will repel the spray, making the method extremely efficient.


The reach of Mold-X Electrostatic treatment is up to 20 feet! The key to it’s reach comes from it’s static charge. Like magnets, electrically charged particles both pull towards positive charged surfaces, but also push similar negatively charged particles away, seemingly propelling itself out and away with forces up to 75 times that of gravity! This means the solution moves up, around, and even changes direction to find untouched surfaces.

Most surfaces in your home carry a neutral charge, by adding negative charge to the disinfecting solution the solution then becomes more negatively charged than all of the surroundings, making it attracted to everything! With the solution being dispersed as ultra-fine, micron-sized particles it is extremely light, but also highly charged. The closer it gets to a surface, the faster it moves and once it touches a surface it clings and stays.